Blog Startup

22 Jul Blog Startup

Here you will find the latest updates from Rogers Trucking, Inc. and helpful articles that will hopefully motivate you on your daily drive. For instance, in this month’s blog we have listed several safety precautions to think about as you go about your business to help you be safer for yourself and for the company. Also, in this month’s blog you will find the topic of driver fitness. Did you know that, “a 2014 survey of long-haul truck drivers by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that 69 percent were obese, 17 percent morbidly so? A recent Gallup-Heathway’s analysis revealed that transportation workers, including truckers, are the fattest and have the highest risk for chronic health problems of any occupational group.” (Men’s Health)

Kita, J. (2014, April 23). 7 Rules of On-The-Road-Fitness. Men’s Health.