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Phyllis Rogers – Owner

Phyllis is a founder partner of Rogers Trucking and, together with her husband Charles Tommy Rogers, built the company from its humble beginning as a small log hauling company in 1965. With over 50... years of industry experience, her expertise has proven invaluable in building the company to its current state of success. With experience in every role from driving to strategic planning, she has developed a keen understanding of the needs and priorities of drivers and customers alike. She is committed to not only providing an impeccable customer service experience but also providing an engaging and comfortable work environment to attract the best talent in the industry.Read More

Lesha Breeding – President

For over 20 years, Lesha Breeding has dedicated her work to providing excellent customer service in the trucking industry, and as a result, has built a powerful base of satisfied clients. With... oversight of day-to-day operation and a passion for creating a positive and satisfying work environment, Lesha has built a strong and diverse company.Read More

Marsha Van Arsdale – Senior Vice President

Since joining Rogers Trucking in 1979, Marsha VanArsdale has played active roles in dispatch, brokerage, accounting, and strategic leadership. With 36 years of diverse industry experience under her... belt, her versatility manifests in leadership of all daily dispatching and operations.Read More

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