Ten Safety Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

22 Jul Ten Safety Tips That Might Just Save Your Life

  1. Always complete a pre and post trip inspection. If you find any concerns report appropriately.
  2. Never drive while tired or sleepy. Falling asleep at the wheel could kill not only you but also your fellow motorists.
  3. Always follow all DOT and traffic regulations and laws.
  4. Never drive while not wearing a seat belt.
  5. Be aware of prescription and OTC drug, side effects. Always follow all labels.
  6. Maintain a safe following distance.
  7. Be aware of blind spots. Small vehicles can easily approach in your blind spot without you knowing.
  8. Be courteous and safe while loading and unloading.
  9. Ensure that cargo is properly secured and in compliance with all DOT regulations.
  10. Be aware of dangerous driving conditions and know when to pull over!